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The busking Buddha plays Scruggs in the corner His banjo hand is making him dimes and quarters Another Dharma slave is singing lonesome scales She got a face tattoo so she could ride the rails A cop rolls by with a helmet and a gun He’s dreaming of retirement in the California Sun A man runs by with a box in his ear Is he talking to someone? Is he even really here? There’s a pudgy old woman no one seems to notice Though once she looked finer than a Japanese lotus Her hands are so wrinkled it looks like henna I’m picking this all up on my Juniper Antenna Youth always fades by it’s very definition Still most people think they’ll get a repetition Freedom is a luxury hard to come across And if you ever find it you’re gonna have to be your own boss There’s no one in the tower, no one in the hall Perhaps I was mistaken when I made this call
Addition 04:01
Addition is the only solution to solve the condition that we’re in Division brings only confusion We need a revision of how we’ve been How can we spend our lives hating another human? That’s like one eye trying to poke out the other Don’t you know, the oldest trick in every book Is Evil convincing Brother to kill his Brother Addition is the only solution to solve the condition that we’re in Division brings only confusion We need a revision of how we’ve been
Colorado 03:07
All the way to Colorado she’s been making up songs About a life that took a turn and a man who done her wrong All the way to Colorado she’s been healing her heart She’s going to Colorado to make a new start All the way to Colorado she’s been passing Corvettes, Antiques, and Fireworks And Discount Cigarettes But she ain’t stopping for nothin’ No, she ain’t gonna slow down She’s going to Colorado to find a new town In Boulder they got the Hippies In Denver they got the Squares And everybody up in the Mountains is living like they got no cares All the way to Colorado she’s been making up songs She’s going to Colorado where she belongs
Confident 05:23
Outside a club about Three AM, Mississippi Mark was with Highway Jim They stared at the city and let it all soak in It was foggy and silent Right about then a streetlight exploded The sidewalk next to Mark drooped in and imploded A man ran by with his face half-eroded He was laughing and crying Meanwhile about a lightyear away, Hank was doing ninety in his Chevrolet In a half an hour he’d be in LA where it was just turning midnight The car straight ahead was driven by a demon Which is the whole reason Hank here was speeding Straight through the desert with his arm all bleeding But the look in his eye left no doubt He was confident Confident, confident Confident, confident Confident Up ahead some cruisers were flashing so the demon veered off in a frantic fashion But Hank knew the roads and had better traction So he steered it nice and easy The demon jumped out of his flipped-over car and yelled at Hank: “You best stay where you are!” Hank just laughed and lit a cigar as a herd of Elk emerged from the forest Hank peeled out and saluted the Elk He glanced at his phone; it was still no help But the wound on his arm was starting to gel And he still had twenty minutes Sometimes you get the demon Sometimes it gets you Sometimes you don’t know what to do And maybe you’ll look back and wonder where it all went But at least you’ll know you lived it all Confident
The West 06:08
Out in the West there’s so much space the train cars get stacked double-high And the trucks pull three trailers at a time The sky is a special kind of blue that God mixes for this location only You can’t order this paint in any other town, no Sir People are quiet, they’re generally concentrating on survival They’re keeping the hairs on the back of their neck alert for Black Bear, Coyotes, or a Stray New York Lawyer In Montana, if someone responds to your ‘Howdy’ and says: “Doing fine. Have a nice day.” This probably means you’re fast friends Or maybe you’ll get married Time is expanding along with the sky out there in the massive fields of grain This means you have to check your gas gauge “Shoot! I didn’t realize how far I went.” Sometimes an Indian ghost will tap you on the shoulder And you’ll remember that multiple civilizations have traveled these landscapes Utes and Apaches, Custer and Walmart Many rulers have made believe that they understood this horizon That they owned it, cultivated it
Released 04:10
I been there, I been around, I been to the Roadhouse way Downtown I went low, I went high, I flew with the Falcon in the sky I been a winner, I been a loser, I been a part-time drug abuser I been sold, I been spun, only one thing hasn’t been done I ain’t been released The struggle here has never ceased From War and Peace, the soul of man finds no release I have barely seen the light But I’ll never stop the fight I ain’t been released I was born into wealth, I had pale skin and perfect health I had food and love, for that I thank the Spirit above But when I came to a certain age, I came to a certain rage I have Faith, I have Doubt, I still haven’t figured it out I ain’t been released The struggle here has never ceased From War and Peace, the soul of man finds no release I have barely seen the light But I’ll never stop the fight I ain’t been released I see rich, I see poor, I see a homeless man sleeping under a door I see guts, I see gold, I see a kid washing windows out in the cold And I have seen a righteous girl doing her thing to try to save the world I mighta helped out one or two, but there’s still so much to do I ain’t been released
The sun exploded on a field of corn A lonely sower tipped his horn The rows of soil had been reborn at last Blue expanded from the riverside To the bridge above where the horsemen ride A woman cleaned her wounded side aghast I felt a calming in my gut As though the squirrel had found it’s nut And left behind the ‘why’ and ‘what’ And the ‘when’ A rhombus made of winter light Paints my carpet yellow and white And suddenly my soul feels bright again ‘Yellow’ yellow, purple, grey Shiny black, and hardened clay Those are the colors in my day, my friend And in the silence of this house All my fears have become cows I milk them for their glowing powers: They’ve got powers of vision I found this page from years ago And all the words just seemed to flow Into this dream-like stereo I hear Who sent these messages from space At separate times, to the same place? And, can I meet you face to face down here? (Interstellar Communication) (Healing Sounds)
Let the trees do what they will We’ve gotta trust something these days And Nature has the longest view We’ve got to rewild swaths of land Replenish the forests and streams To keep our own souls wild too Grab a page from ‘The Leaves of Grass’ Infuse your vision with some mystery Thank the seasons as they pass Take a deep breath (breathe) Welcome to reality Let the trees do what they will See how they calmly stand They give and they receive We’ve got to work together still Got to join here hand-in-hand Gotta grow our community Let the trees do what they will They’re dead then they’re reborn They cycle through it every year And with every coming Spring Life takes another form See the miracle! It’s here!
Concierto 05:27
The last drag of a cigarette is as good as it will get In terms of shutting out the noise a little while To wink at Death and smile And know all desire is passing Guinevere, let me ride inside your crystal tear Where the ache of Love outweighs the fear And the streets are painted clear By a rain that’s everlasting (Original lyrics — Melody from Rodrigo’s ‘Concierto de Aranjuez’ — public domain)
Thank You 03:48
Thank you Thank you for the good times Thank you Thank you for the sunshine Even now I feel it on my skin I hope it might come back again Thank you Thank you for all the love you gave me growing up Thank you for teaching me to seek the deeper stuff I hope you can forgive me now for all the times I let you down Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you for the laughter in your eyes Thank you Thank you for the Colorado skies Thank you for the will to live, the voice to sing, the love to give Thank you Thank you
End Credits 03:48


'Mystic Country' is the name of the the latest album from Baltimore singer-songwriter Caleb Stine; it's also the style of music played by his newest band, The Revelations. A mix of Folk, Rock, Jazz, and Psychedelia, 'Mystic Country' drives the listener down Blue Highways on an unforgetable road trip.

'The Revelations' is a super-group of sorts, adding to Stine's long-time band The Brakemen with additional percussion, pedal steel, and saxophone. From 'Juniper Antenna' (a Dylanesque blues romp) to 'Confident' (an old-time radio adventure brought to technicolor life) the band digs deep into sonic soil. Won't you dig it with 'em?!


released October 2, 2020

Ray Eicher - Pedal Steel
Burke Sampson - Electric Guitar, Vocals
Nick Sjostrom - Bass, Keys, Vocals
Tiffany DeFoe - Saxophone
EJ ‘Big Sug’ Thompson - Drums
Jim Hannah - Percussion, Vocals
Caleb Stine - Guitars, Strings, Keys, Vocals

John Dierker - Saxophone on ‘Confident’
Kristen Toedtman - Vocals on ‘Confident’
Ben Frock - trumpet on ‘Trees’

Featuring the voices of:
Aaron Henkin - as Sammy Fender host of ‘Sammy’s Psychedelic Spins’
Ken Jackson - as ‘Cosmic Calamity’ announcer
Lynda Meier - as Fairy Godmother GPS Voice

Scott Dennison - Design, Layout
Robert Guanti - Band photo
Caleb Stine - Cover Illustration, photos, and comics

Recorded at Heartwood Studios in Baltimore MD
Engineered and mixed by Ben Frock and Edwin Huet
Mastered by Nick Sjostrom


all rights reserved



Caleb Stine Baltimore, Maryland

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